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JK Rowling to Publish New Harry Potter Story for Halloween

Posted by Online Film Studio on October 31, 2014 at 10:30am 0 Comments


JK Rowling will publish a new Harry Potter story online as a special treat for fans on Halloween.

The story depicts Hogwarts professor Doleres Umbridge as the Minister for Magic’s Senior Undersecretary.

According to Pottermore.com, the tale will feature a “rich, 1700-word back story about Umbridge’s life, filled with many new details, as well as Rowling’s revealing first-person thoughts and reflections about the character.”

The story will publish on Friday, Oct. 31.

Artist Julia Strand Makes Art from Old Books

Posted by Online Art Gallery on September 10, 2014 at 1:00pm 0 Comments

Artist Julia Strand Makes Art from Old Books

Julia Strand takes old books and shapes them into art. She describes the creative process in a unique way.

“When I say to people ‘I carve books,’ they say to me, ‘Oh, what does that mean?’ If I say, ‘I make sculptures out of books,’ people think I pile them up and make towers out of them or something,” Strand said.

The artist is a cognitive psychologist who teaches at Carleton College in Minnesota, she creates art in her spare time. Strand gathers an diverse collection books-everything from science texts to cook books.

When searching for new books, Strand finds material with some specific characteristics. They need to be thick enough for the artist to carve into and create layers. Generally, she looks for books that are out of date and have many illustrations instead of photographic reproductions. She will also never purchase a book for more than $10.

“Because some people are uncomfortable about the idea of cutting up books under any circumstances, I want to be really careful that when I do cut them up. I’m only using books that people aren’t likely to use for other purposes.”  

Strand enjoys the process of giving the books a new life.

“What I really hope to do with my work is to make people look a second time at something that they are used to looking at and just looking over. What I think is really fun about carving books, and doing this up-cycling work, is that it takes an object that is boring and it makes it…


Netflix Partners with AT&T for Faster Streaming

Posted by Technology & Innovation on October 30, 2014 at 1:30pm 0 Comments


Netflix Partners with AT&T for Faster Streaming

AT&T Internet subscribers using Netflix will receive an increase in the streaming quality of television shows and movies. A new partnership between the two companies is bringing solutions that will deliver content more quickly by reducing buffering time.

“We reached an interconnect agreement with AT&T in May and since then have been working together to provision additional interconnect capacity to improve the viewing experience of our mutual subscribers,” stated Netflix spokesperson Anne Maria Squeo in an emailed statement to Time.

“We’re now beginning to turn up the connections, a process that should be complete in the coming days.”

Netflix now has 50 million active subscribers who use the service through a variety of devices. The new agreement with AT&T comes after the company’s recent collaborations with Comcast and Verizon. 

2015 Grammy Music Educator Semifinalists Revealed

Posted by Internet Music Radio on October 29, 2014 at 10:30am 0 Comments


The 57th Annual Grammy Awards will air Feb. 8, 2015 on CBS.

The Recording Academy and The Grammy Foundation will honor one local hero.

The organization will recognize a music educator who has “made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of music education and who demonstrate[s] a commitment to the broader cause of maintaining music education in the schools.”

2015 Grammy Music Educator Award semifinalists:

Diane Abrahamian, Penfield High School, Penfield, New York

Steven Acciani, Diamond Bar High School, Diamond Bar, California

Phil Aguglia, Kenmore East High School, Tonawanda, New York

William Bennett, Cane Bay High School, Summerville, South Carolina

Jared Cassedy, Windham High School, Windham, New Hampshire

Caleb Chapman, Pioneer High School for the Performing Arts, American Fork, Utah

Josh Chodoroff, Highland Park High School, Highland Park, Illinois

Dr. Buddy Clements, Walnut High School, Walnut, California

Charles Cushinery, Ed W. Clark High School, Las Vegas, Nevada

David Dehner, Monte Vista Christian School, Watsonville, California

Jamal Dickerson, Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy, Camden, New Jersey

Terry Eberhardt, Marriotts Ridge High School, Marriottsville, Maryland

Krista Fanning, Caddo Middle Magnet, Shreveport, Louisiana

Elizabeth Fortune, Washington Middle School, Seattle, Washington

Vivian Gonzalez, South Miami K-8 Center, Miami, Florida

Micah Haven, Meeker Middle School, Tacoma, Washington

Aaron Hill Sr., Smithfield High School, Smithfield, Virginia

Stevi Marks, Glenbrook South High School, Glenview,…


YouTube Promotes Original Video Content

Posted by Technology & Innovation on October 31, 2014 at 9:30am 0 Comments

YouTube Promotes Original Video Content

Google seeks to retain original user content for its video platform-YouTube.

The company plans to invest in content creators whose videos currently go viral. Over time, Google hopes to multiply its archives of creative originals.

According to Alex Carloss, head of YouTube Originals, Google will “fund new content from some of our top creators, helping them not only fulfill their creative ambitions but also deliver new material to their millions of fans on YouTube.”

In 2011 the company invested in channels by popular celebrities and saw some spikes in user retention as a result. Google thinks it can reach an even wider online audience by promoting popular channels by the platform’s independent content creators.

Social networking giant Facebook and Vimeo are among several leading online platforms attracting content creators. While many longtime internet users already have experience publishing on YouTube, Google feels they have a strategic competitive advantage.

Earlier in the year, Google also introduced Fan Funding, a way for fans to donate directly to creators who make content they enjoy. The tool will still be available as Google unveils its new marketing strategy.

‘Interstellar’ Prepares Launch at Box Office

Posted by Online Film Studio on October 30, 2014 at 3:30pm 0 Comments


‘Interstellar’ Prepares Launch at Box Office

Opening day for Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” is about three weeks away, and early ticket sales indicate the potential for a massive box office debut.

Only a few details about the film’s plot are known to the public. Nolan typically shrouds new productions in secrecy; surprising movie goers with creative elements when they interact with films for the first time live in theaters. The story depicts a space adventure and is an original concept.

Analysts predict “Interstellar” may surpass the box office debuts of other popular Nolan works including “The Dark Knight” and “Inception.” According to an early estimate done by Variety, the project may reach more than a $50 million debut, perhaps reaching the extraordinary success of “Gravity’s” 55.8 million.

“I fully expect to be sold out through the weekend,” claimed Tom Stephenson, CEO of Look Cinemas. “I’m a big Chris Nolan fan, so I expected the response would be great, but to have sell outs this early is incredible.”

The movie stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain. The film will be distributed domestically by Paramount and internationally by Warner Bros. “Interstellar”, which was shot on film rather than with digital cameras, will be available in multiple formats: digital projection, both 35mm and 70mm formats, and Imax 70 mm.

United Airlines Adds Wi-Fi and Streaming Content

Posted by Technology & Innovation on October 30, 2014 at 4:00pm 0 Comments

Chris Walker, Chicago Tribune

United Airlines Adds Wi-Fi and Streaming Content

United Airlines plans to add Wi-Fi Internet access and personal-device entertainment to over 200 of the company’s United Express regional jets by summer 2015. The technology will allow passengers to stream video to computers, smartphones and tablets.

“These new elements will enhance the entire in-flight experience for our customers,” claimed Jeff Foland, United’s executive vice president of marketing, technology and strategy.

United confirmed passengers will have the ability to select movies and television content to stream on demand via a new mobile app.

New Special Edition 'Guardians' Soundtrack

Posted by Internet Music Radio on October 30, 2014 at 4:30pm 0 Comments


While the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is available on CD and vinyl, a special edition cassette tape version will release on Nov. 17.

The official track listing is:

  1. “Hooked on a Feeling”                    Blue Swede
  2. “Go All the Way”                           Raspberries
  3. “Spirit in the Sky”                         Norman Greenbaum
  4. “Moonage Daydream”                     David Bowie
  5. “Fooled Around and Fell in Love”      Elvin Bishop
  6. “I’m Not in Love”                           10cc
  7. “I Want You Back”                         The Jackson 5
  8. “Come and Get Your Love”              Redbone
  9. “Cherry Bomb”                              The Runaways
  10. “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)"      Rupert Holmes
  11. “O-o-h Child”                                Five Stairsteps
  12. “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough        Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

The soundtrack, containing only songs recorded in the 70s, reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 over the summer. The film recently released in China and has earned over $687 million since its debut in July.

MIT Conducts Twitter Research

Posted by Technology & Innovation on October 29, 2014 at 2:30pm 0 Comments

 David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

MIT Conducts Twitter Research

Twitter awarded $10 million to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for research exploring the ways people collaborate through social networks.

University researchers will conduct a five year study on content present primarily on Twitter and build communication tools for efficient retrieval of the most viral information.

The new Laboratory of Social Machines will access data from Gnip, the company’s storage portal for historic tweets.

“Twitter is seizing the opportunity to go deeper into research to understand the role Twitter and other platforms play in the way people communicate, the effect that rapid and fluid communication can have and apply those findings to complex societal issues,” said chief executive Dick Costolo in a statement.

Company representatives confirmed investment into academic research would be a priority going forward.

TripAdvisor Ranks Top 10 Museums

Posted by Online Art Gallery on October 30, 2014 at 5:00pm 0 Comments

The Art Institute of Chicago. Credit: Shutterstock.com/MaxyM   

TripAdvisor Ranks Top 10 Museums

TripAdvisor recently compiled a list of popular museum destinations travelled by its users. The Art Institute of Chicago received the highest rating among any other

The company used an algorithm to track the quantity and quality of reviews for museums across the world over a 12-month period. Art Institute of Chicago ranked the most popular with a five out of five bubble rating among more than 6,510 reviews.

The top 10 destinations are:

1. Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA

2. National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropologia), Mexico City, Mexico

3. State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

4. The Getty Center, Los Angeles, California, USA

5. Galleria dell’Accademia/Statue of David, Florence, Italy

6. Musee d’Orsay, Paris, France

7. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, New York, USA

8. The Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece

9. Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain

10. Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, Jerusalem, Israel


Jingle All The Way 2 Trailer Features Larry The Cable Guy, Will Ruin Your Childhood

Say what you will about Arnold Schwarzenegger but the man knew how to star in a good Christmas film. Especially if said Christmas film revolved around one man's insane pursuit to buy his child's love back with a toy. Unfortunately, Larry The Cable Guy is about to sully Arnie's good work by starring in Jingle All The Way 2. It looks as bad as it sounds. Don't believe me? Then check out the horrid trailer for it above. It's enough to make you wish that The Grinch really existed so that he could bring Christmas to a screeching halt immediately. But ...
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Every Single Saw Movie, Ordered By Greatness

In case you didn't know it, through some feat of cryogenics or selective retention, Saw is celebrating it's tenth anniversary this year. With the original 2004 film returning to theaters tonight, and that hilarious Honest Trailer still fresh in our minds, we got to thinking about just how well the series held up in its seven film run. Which means it's our chance to turn the tables on Jigsaw and judge his works based on our own form of bias and vengeance. Seven movies, ten years, and only one column to judge it? Oh yes, there will be blood. Let's start ...
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This Interstellar Contest Has The Greatest Prize Imaginable

Space was once considered "the final frontier," but as time passed after our initial forays to the Moon, we stopped looking up as much as we used to. It's sad to consider science fiction used to depict us traveling into space as a leisure activity by this point in our history, and now Interstellar has our future spelled out as a society that barely even gives the thought the time of day. However, if you're one of those dreamers who can't stop gazing at the stars, longing to be among them in all of their splendor, you have two choices: ...
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Here's Why Marvel Is Still Beating DC In The Comic Book Movie Wars

October 2014 will go down in the geek history books as one of the biggest months for comic book movies thanks to DC and Marvel. Both companies announced their film plans for the next several years. For DC, this means finally diving into the DC Cinematic Universe and exploring characters that aren't just Batman and Superman (though you'll still be seeing a lot of them). For Marvel, it means we get to dive into Phase 3 with familiar faces and new characters. Overall this is a great time to be a comic book fan, but this is also a fanbase that likes ...
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Jason Bateman's Next Comedy Will Go After Wall Street, The Stock Market

You hear "Wall Street comedy," and you might rightly think Wolf of Wall Street. But Jason Bateman is going in a totally different direction for his upcoming comedy IPO Man. Deadline reports Jason Bateman will star in and direct IPO Man, a comedy about a man who sold shares of stock in his own life. Remarkably, the film is based on a true story that was covered in a Wired article titled "Meet the Man Who Sold His Fate to Investors At $1 A Share." Fox Searchlight has bought the rights to the piece, and will produce alongside Bateman and his ...
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The Strange History Of The Ouija Board

ouija It started with a pair of spiritualists in post-Civil-War New York; became a ubiquitous family pastime that was considered good, clean fun (and great for a date); and had its reputation ruined by The Exorcist. (It also told its first manufacturers what it wanted to be called.) (includes podcast)

Ten Years On, Theo Van Gogh’s Murder Still Haunts The Netherlands

theo A decade ago Sunday, the filmmaker, media figure and right-wing provocateur was shot and had his throat slit by a young Moroccan Dutchman who claimed he was defending the name of Allah. “In this tidy country of 17 million, which prides itself on tolerance, the murder opened a raw and polarizing debate … which is […]

A Kashmiri “Hamlet” Becomes Bollywood’s Most Praised, And Most Attacked, Movie Of The Year

kashmiri hamlet Haider, an adaptation of the Shakespeare play set amid the bloody 1990s conflict in Kashmir, has won rapturous praise from Indian cinephiles and film critics – and has enraged Hindu nationalists, who accuse the movie of glorifying terrorists and justifying ethnic cleansing. (Hmm, where have we heard that sort of thing before?)

What Ancient Greek And Roman Statues Look(ed) Like In Color

ancient statues in color Most people assume that classical statuary was mostly of pure white marble, a sort of pure source of Western civilization. But scholars have known for at least a century that most Greek and Roman statues were brightly painted – and now an exhibition in Copenhagen is trying to reconstruct their original appearance.

Peter Sellars To Stage His First Dance Work

flexn “[He] has directed operas and theater, collaborated with Toni Morrison and staged St. Matthew’s [sic] Passion with the Berlin Philharmonic. Now, he will turn his attention to Flex, a Brooklyn-born form of street dance, in a commission from the Park Avenue Armory [in New York].”


Zendaya Talks Inspiring Kids to Give Back Via Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

The 2014 spokesperson surprised an elementary school in Manhattan and discussed the benefits of getting involved with philanthropic efforts at a young age

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Psy, Others Push for Autopsy of K-Pop Legend

Iconic singer Shin Hae Chul died on Monday following an operation, leading to accusations of medical malpractice

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Nick Jonas Covers Sam Smith, Nods to Tupac at Intimate Los Angeles Club Gig: Concert Review

Plus: what Rancid's Tim Armstrong was doing at the Satellite's back bar

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Dolly Parton Talks About Supporting Her Gay Fans

The country music legend sits down with Billboard to talk about her career and why she supports her gay followers

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JK Rowling to Publish New Harry Potter Story for Halloween


JK Rowling will publish a new Harry Potter story online as a special treat for fans on Halloween.

The story depicts Hogwarts professor Doleres Umbridge as the Minister for Magic’s Senior…

Franck Muller Master Mystery

French leading designer Alain Silberstein , known as a master of magnificent color, has once again demonstrated his creative genius, having redesigned MB&F's Horological Machine No2. The creative genius of the designer has resulted in an all-black case, which is the embodiment of the Bauhaus purity and austerity. The novel model, entitled Horological Machine No2.2, is also called "black box". This watch will be launched as a limited series of eight pieces.…

Look-alike Cartier Designer watches In fact Deserve To Come

Reproduction Cartier Wrist watches Truly Deserve To Be Obtained

Style home Cartier featuring its headquarter in Paris, france , is focused on doing extravagant jewellery. Nonetheless, this world-well known style household possesses its own horological work shop in Swiss. Frankly, Cartier is usually involved in producing high end wristwatches. In truth, watches it provides for customers are intended inside of a creative way and crafted from the optimum elements. The hugely well known…

NY Times: Jules Maeght Unveils 'Art in Motion'


Jules Maeght, right, with Clovis Prévost, left, and the photographer Eric Alexandre at the Maeght Foundation in France. Credit Jules Maeght Gallery/ New York Times

"The gallery’s inaugural show,…

son visage très bien

son visage très bien

Jeune chercheur émotionnel, ajoutant soudain beaucoup de terreur sanglante de assassiner, conspiration du réseau a été étroitement enroulé autour Cuishan, qu'il lutte, qu'il comprenne le monde est difficile à saisir la complexité et le bateau dans le lac dans l'obscurité et la compétition de Yin Susu, Cuishan échapper une fois sous blush Yie, son expérience de la vie est très limitée. Dans cette société complexe, http://www.amgone.com/…

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