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Tracce apocrife - I disegni di Andrea Benetti in mostra a Roma

Posted by Andrea Benetti on November 3, 2012 at 6:00am 0 Comments

Andrea Benetti presenta in anteprima a palazzo Taverna, a Roma, presso la sede storica degli Archivi Legali Amedeo Modigliani il suo ultimo progetto, che si articola attraverso una mostra intitolata “Tracce apocrife”, curata da Christian Parisot, Presidente degli Archivi Modigliani e da Gregorio Rossi, curatore del Museo M.A.C.I.A.

La mostra annovera 13 disegni su “carta di Montesanto” (una tipologia di carta inventata da Andrea Benetti) realizzati con tecnica a carboncino, a sanguigna, a gesso bianco ed a seppia.


I soggetti ritratti nei disegni, volutamente consunti ed incompleti, sono ispirati alle pitture Rupestri di tutto il mondo, accostati spesso da rivisitazione degli stessi soggetti o, addirittura, Benetti realizza una neo-simbologia, che va ad integrarsi in un gioco di forme e colori con quella reali, disegnate decine di migliaia di anni fa dall'uomo delle caverne.

Il titolo “tracce apocrife” nasce per vari motivi, tra cui il modo in cui è trattata la carta (che sembra antica di migliaia di anni), per i soggetti ispirati all'arte Rupestre ed al modo in cui sono presentati i disegni, ovvero inseriti tra due plexiglas, stretti con borchie in argento, che appaiono ai profani come fossero…


Modern & Contemporary Indian Art

Posted by Gallery Kolkata on August 24, 2009 at 5:00am 0 Comments

Gallery Kolkata-Art: founded in 2004 brings high /quality meaningful art of eminent and established contemporary artists within the reach of the masses at affordable prices. GKs new space opened its doors in May 2007 with the objective of bringing the best of Modern and Contemporary Indian art, located in the prestigious Duckback House in the heart of Kolkatas Shakespeare Sarani with the twin infrastructural advantages of space an enviable 5000 sq.ft. And easy accessibility. The gallery has hosting landmark painting exhibitions, installation art and video shows as well as new media displays. The recent exhibitions organized by Gallery Kolkata have had splendid openings thronged with the guest lists of art aficionados, critics, galleries , artists, poets, writers, theatre and film personalities. Backed by physical catalogues the shows have created ripples in the world of art and culture and are much sought after by buyers and art lovers alike. A comprehensive source of Modern and Contemporary Indian art, Gallery Kolkata provides a platform to various eminent established and young artists through its physical and online exhibitions. Gallery Kolkata -Furniture: GK also initiated its activities in alternate art practices one of them being Art Furniture like Wooden Benches, Chairs, Consoles, Tables, Bar Stool sets, Coffee Table and Chair Sets, Murals, Installation made in Old Weathered Wood fused with Bronze Metal, Aluminum and other natural recycled resources. Each piece is 100%uniquely made by the artist and is a one off piece ( no repetition ). It believe in conserving natural resources & thus use recycled material in the furniture, which is brilliantly added in every piece. These can add class and value to Houses, Boutiques, Restaurants and Hotels.

For more Art Works & Details visit us at…


Glen Josselsohn Contemporary Art

Posted by Glen Josselsohn on October 4, 2013 at 3:00am 0 Comments

Glen Josselsohn is a leading South African Contemporary Artist, who’s unique style is a buzz with energy and movement which opens up the imagination, engages the senses and ignites a sense of curiosity within the viewer. Glen’s Art is booming and as become the hype of the Art World.  Glen’s Artwork has been selling out locally and internationally, He also exhibits his artwork in exclusive upmarket Galleries all over the World.Glen has painted for very exclusive Hotels, has been featured on many lifestyle television programmes and has had numerous editorials written in exclusive lifestyle and home magazines, as for the content and the style of Glen's art, it’s timeless and appeals to all. 

Glen Josselsohn’s signature art offers the perfect solution to complement a modern and chic room  

Scholarly Art

Posted by E. Marie Roper on July 23, 2009 at 12:30am 0 Comments

As a current college student, I constantly think about the art that is in demand. Just a couple of years ago, I was stressing over the art that would impress colleges and what I should do to stand out. Teachers and college representatives gave me advice on different sides of the spectrum. Should I display my skills of accuracy? or should I show my creativity and originality? The answer was of course: both. Now, heading into my second year of college, I am brought to the same question. However, this time, I am not sure both is the answer. Does the art world want to see accuracy? or solely creativity? While there is much gray area in between, I still ponder these two answers.

Apple Introduces News App

Posted by Technology & Innovation on June 8, 2015 at 5:00pm 0 Comments

The latest version of Apple's iOS operating system includes News App, which displays content from leading publications according to preference. Users can follow their favorites and make selections from a series of recommendations. The app uses Photo Mosaic for displaying animation, and users can swipe from page to page similarly to Flipboard.

Award Winning Screenwriter Posts FREE MUSIC montages!!!

Posted by Austen Brauker on February 6, 2013 at 2:30pm 0 Comments

Austen Brauker has posted collections of video/photo montages with all original music. Available for free at SOUNDCLOUD and YOUTUBE and at the following link :

Austen Brauker Free Music


MTV 2015 VMA Nominees

Posted by Internet Music Radio on July 22, 2015 at 3:30pm 0 Comments

MTV Announces 2015 VMA Nominees:


 Beyoncé – “7/11″

 Ed Sheeran – “Thinking Out Loud”

Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Bad Blood”

Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – “Uptown Funk”

Kendrick Lamar – “Alright”



 Ed Sheeran – “Thinking Out Loud”

Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – “Uptown Funk”

Kendrick Lamar – “Alright”

The Weeknd – “Earned It”

Nick Jonas – “Chains”


 Beyoncé – “7/11″

 Taylor Swift – “Blank Space”

Nicki Minaj – “Anaconda”

Sia – “Elastic Heart”

Ellie Goulding – “Love Me Like You Do”




Material and Spirit by Dr. Dalia Hakker-Orion - comments regarding Marlen Ferrer

Posted by Marlen Ferrer on September 14, 2011 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

The act of creating plastic art is seeded within the ability of a few talented people who transform tangible material into unique artistic creations. The multifaceted artist Marlen Ferrer is part of this exclusive group and her works manifest the magical process of transforming natural materials, colors and tar into compositions containing spiritual entities which convey feelings and emotions and are interpreted by the viewers according to their personalities. Her attraction to the beauty and perfection of nature, the ultimate artist, inspires her to combine natural vegetative elements in her sculptural works, creating female figures [2 m height] from palm fronds.  The removal of the barriers between her personal life, feelings and emotions are reflected in the works represented in this catalogue which manifest the versatility of her expressive-intuitive amplitude. Statements about femininity, couples, struggles and ambitions are displayed in vigorous hand strokes with brushes and scalpels in various techniques on recycled paper or canvas. With force and assurance she paints, drips, floats and leaves her unique textural and chromatic stamp.

Her dynamic compositions are vigorous, sensuous and create a dialogue with the surrounding space.  The white industrial oil paint and tar are applied expressively "alla prima" revealing the different hues of the tar, without inhibitions or boundaries, and become clear images when perceived by the viewer. The technique and quality of the works derives from her long experience as a teacher and therapist, observational abilities and the inspiration of the biggest teacher- ÔMother NatureÕ. Her sensitivity and empathy to the human condition [pschycologically] combine with her rich experience and her experimentalism to create a versatile topography. The importance of the textural…


How to Discover New Music

Posted by Internet Music Radio on July 19, 2015 at 1:00pm 0 Comments

Is the discovery of new music an organic process, or one requiring personal curation? Connecting with music occurs spontaneously, through radio, the internet and today’s popular apps. Research indicates the sound of music strikes an emotional chord, suggesting potential motivation for discovering the latest songs and albums.

While the days of spending hours in record stores transfer to time in front of mobile screens-browsing digital libraries for the ideal selection-music’s connection with technology remains the path on our musical journeys.

According to Nielsen SoundScan, most choose to connect through music streaming services, which saw an increase by 54% in 2014.

Technology makes recommendations for playlists and stations through user preference. Rather than relying solely on spins to discover something new, today’s listeners can connect in many different ways.

An article in the Denver Post, ‘Are you done finding new music’, challenges the definition of “genuine” music discovery. The writer describes music consumption as an ongoing process, occurring on technology and in daily life. The assertion highlights the digital landscape as a sound medium for discovery.…


'Lila and Eve' - Film Review

Posted by Dominic Richardson on July 20, 2015 at 4:30am 0 Comments

Lila and Eve takes audiences inside the mind of a mother who loses her son to violence. The drama shows a proceeding emotional journey. After discovering the system hardly works the way it should, Lila (Viola Davis) attends a support group, finding strength and comfort in Eve (Jennifer Lopez)-a grieving mother who defies complacency. They pursue the responsible ones, identifying the names and faces, in order to bring them to justice.

Lila experiences flashbacks. One of the frequent being the spoken Serenity Prayer at the support meetings. The character struggles to find the “courage to change the things I can.” The film explores psychology behind summoning the confidence to accept the things you can not. The wisdom to know the difference is constantly at play.

Cinematography draws emphasis to interpersonal relationships. The camera focuses on interactions between characters, and pan according to Lila’s perspective. A resulting aesthetic exudes realism, depicting action through memory and in real-time.

Dialogue and storylines examine themes of motherhood, the definition of justice, strength and perseverance. The production highlights the moments of realization in direct fashion, painting pictures regarding the character choices which lead to retribution. The acting underscores the screenplay’s themes. Davis and Lopez deliver great performances; the entire cast depicts memorable…



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First-Ever Nude Public Performance Art Festival Is Coming (In Switzerland, No Less)

First Nude Public Performance Art Festival Founder Thomas Zollinger: “The Body and Freedom Festival … aims to explore the possibilities of the naked body in urban space and everyday situational life, thereby contributing to its establishment in this context as an instrument of art expression.”

Top Posts From AJBlogs 07.28.15

Et Tu, Arnold? Lehman, Brooklyn Museum’s Director, Joins Museum-to-Market Defectors AJBlog: CultureGrrl Published 2015-07-28 Name that Pianist AJBlog: PostClassic Published 2015-07-28 Homes away from home AJBlog: About Last Night Published 2015-07-28 [ssba_hide]

The “Ballet Body”? I’m Sooo Over It

ballet-body “I studied classical ballet for sixteen years. I was never a prodigy, but I was good enough to seriously consider it a career option. I genuinely love ballet in all its forms. And I despise the “ballet body” fitness trend.”

New TV Channel Devoted To Dance To Launch This Fall

dancelogo The network will be a direct-to-consumers. subscription-based operation available on web browsers, iOS and Android devices and on Roku, with plans to expand later to set-top boxes, video game consoles and other platforms.

Who Do Writers Say Influence Them? (Hint: There’s A Common Thread)

007de7ea-304b-4b5f-a239-3e9b7ec9b9e5-2060x1236 “If a writer lists two influences and they both happen to be male – well, fair enough. They never both happen to be female, though, and receiving list after list of five, seven, 10 or more male influences is disturbing. It points again to the larger issue in the industry: our habitual, unchecked dismissal of […]


Macy Gray's New Song "B.O.B" Is About Her Vibrator

"He can go all night, dark until the light and we stop when I want to," Gray sings in the tune.

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'Hamilton': Lin-Manuel Miranda Repeatedly Rewards Lottery Hopefuls With Unique Pre-Shows

The creator and star of Broadway’s buzziest musical innovates again with brief, daily performances like 'Les Miserables' Q&As and Beyonce ukulele covers.

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BMG, BroadbandTV Launch Joint Venture to Promote Music Artists on YouTube

The Bertelsmann music division, led by Hartwig Masuch, will pact to launch Windfall to turn music talent into media stars.

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SiriusXM Raises Subscriber Guidance, Touts Music Industry Relationships

The satellite radio giant, which recently aired Grateful Dead concerts, added 692,000 subs in the second quarter, up 46 percent from the year-ago period.

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Bobbi Kristina Brown's 5 Most Memorable On-Camera Moments

Whitney Houston's daughter joined her mom on stage (a few times) and in an interview with Barbara Walters when she was just 8 months old.

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