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Aesthetics in Sherry Dellaria-McGrath’s Art and Poe’s The Raven

Posted by Online Art Gallery on December 7, 2013 at 11:00am 0 Comments



So Poe by Sherry Dellaria-McGrath

Sherry Dellaria-McGrath’s So Poe is significant for the artist’s ability to express literary aesthetics through visual art. So Poe depicts the raven in one of Edgar Allan Poe’s greatest poems, The Raven. The poem is frequently examined by literary critics for its expression of mystery, the grotesque, and the supernatural.  Dellaria-McGrath’s So Poe captures the essences of these literary components through design, texture and color.

Dellaria-McGrath’s design masterfully incorporates aspects of the original poem in extraordinary detail. So Poe features the raven perched upon a tree branch beneath the moonlight. The raven is the most dominant visual aesthetic throughout the art piece. Its shape and posture reflects that of the raven in the original poem, as it were perched upon a bust above the narrator’s chamber door. So Poe’s design highlights this extraordinary image under the bright lights of the shining moon, giving observers the opportunity to experience the image from a new perspective.  

The tree branch in So Poe represents vividly the literary concept of the…


AT&T Announces New Smartphone Data Plans

Posted by Technology & Innovation on December 22, 2014 at 10:30am 0 Comments

AT&T unveiled two new smartphone data plans, aiming to provide increased data bandwidth at a reduced cost.

One plan will give access to 3GB (previously 2GB) of data bandwidth for $40 per month. The other will provide 6GB (previously 4GB) at $70 per month.

AT&T also announced a ‘Double the Data’ promotion on larger data plans, beginning at $130. The promotion expires on November 15.

'Colbert Report' Signs Off

Posted by Online Film Studio on December 22, 2014 at 11:00am 0 Comments

Comedy Central aired the final episode of “The Colbert Report” on Thursday, as the host is set to take over Dave Letterman’s “The Late Show” next year.

The "Report" had a nine year run with 1,447 episodes averaging over a million viewers a night.

The finale concluded with a star-studded celebrity sing-along of “We’ll Meet Again” with Randy Newman on piano and a chorus of:

J.J. Abrams, Alan Alda, Big Bird, Bill de Blasio, Ken Burns, Bob Costas, Katie Couric, Bryan Cranston, Jeff Daniels, James Franco, Vince Gilligan, David Gregory, Henry Kissinger, George Lucas, Yo Yo Ma, Barry Manilow, Cookie Monster, Willie Nelson, Mandy Patinkin, Eliot Spitzer, Gloria Steinem, Jon Stewart, Patrick Stewart, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Jimmy Wales and Sam Waterston.

Facebook No. 1 in Mobile

Posted by Technology & Innovation on December 22, 2014 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

Facebook now has more than 1.12 billion active mobile users. The company owns four of the top 10 mobile apps available according to App Annie: Facebook Messenger (no. 1), Facebook (no. 2), Instagram (no 4.) and WhatsApp (no. 6).

Facebook accounts for approximately one-fifth of all data transmitted through mobile devices. The social network is the second most frequently used platform to observe video content on smart phones behind Google’s YouTube.

Mobile currently accounts for two-thirds of Facebook’s advertising revenue. 

'Exodus' Tops Box Office

Posted by Online Film Studio on December 19, 2014 at 9:30am 0 Comments

"Exodus: Gods and Kings" tops the weekend box office with an $8.6 million opening on Friday, putting the film on track for an estimated $25 million weekend debut.

After leading the box office for three consecutive weekends, 'Mockingjay' reached the number two spot with an estimated $12 million weekend. The film continues to inch closer to 2014's highest-grossing film 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'

'Penguins of Madagascar' reached the third spot, solidifying its place as a top 20 film of 2014.

'Top 5' made its debut at the fourth spot, marking comedian Chris Rock's return to the big screen. He also wrote and directed the film.

21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Award Nominees Revealed

Posted by Online Film Studio on December 22, 2014 at 11:30am 0 Comments

The 2015 SAG awards will air on Sunday, Jan. 25 on TNT and TBS.


Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role

STEVE CARELL / John du Pont – "FOXCATCHER" (Sony Pictures Classics)

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH / Alan Turing – "THE IMITATION GAME" (The Weinstein Company)

JAKE GYLLENHAAL / Louis Bloom – "NIGHTCRAWLER" (Open Road Films)

MICHAEL KEATON / Riggan – "BIRDMAN" (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

EDDIE REDMAYNE / Stephen Hawking – "THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING" (Focus Features)


Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role

JENNIFER ANISTON / Claire Bennett – "CAKE" (Cinelou Films)


JULIANNE MOORE / Alice Howland-Jones – "STILL ALICE" (Sony Pictures Classics)

ROSAMUND PIKE / Amy Dunne – "GONE GIRL" (20th Century Fox)

REESE WITHERSPOON / Cheryl Strayed – "WILD" (Fox Searchlight Pictures)


Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role

ROBERT DUVALL / Joseph Palmer – "THE JUDGE" (Warner Bros. Pictures)

ETHAN HAWKE / Mason, Sr. – "BOYHOOD" (IFC Films)

EDWARD NORTON / Mike – "BIRDMAN" (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

MARK RUFFALO / Dave Schultz – "FOXCATCHER" (Sony Pictures Classics)

J.K. SIMMONS / Fletcher – "WHIPLASH" (Sony Pictures Classics)


Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role


KEIRA KNIGHTLEY / Joan Clarke – "THE IMITATION GAME" (The Weinstein Company)

EMMA STONE / Sam – "BIRDMAN" (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

MERYL STREEP / The Witch – "INTO THE WOODS" (Walt Disney Studios Motion…


Buy Art with Bitcoin on Cointemporary

Posted by Online Art Gallery on December 22, 2014 at 12:30pm 0 Comments

Buy Art with Bitcoin on Cointemporary


Painters Valentin Ruhry and Andy Boot launched Cointemporary in May, an online marketplace for purchasing creations using Bitcoin. The company features a new piece of art each week, and once it’s sold the artist has the option of receiving pay through traditional currency or Bitcoin. However, since the company wants to push the trend of digital currency, it gives the artists a larger percentage of the sale if they select Bitcoin as their payment option.


Purchased art gets shipped to buyers through Viennese company Kunsttrans-which also accepts Bitcoin.


The digital currency is starting to appear in a variety of styles in art. For example, the popular works of San Francisco-based artist Tom Loughlin and New York’s Jenna Lash often include Bitcoin as a creative theme. French artist Youl recently sold a painting entitled “The Last Bitcoin Supper” on eBay for $2,900.


Companies Art4Bit, BitPremier, and Silicon Valley Contemporary also use Bitcoin as a payment method. Paddle8 is considering using it as an option as well.


Cointemporary’s goal is to provide a “broader global visual context free from the hegemonic monetary system in which contemporary art is embedded.” The platform offers a “new form of autonomy in the global monetary system.”…


Google Glass is Coming to Doctor’s Offices

Posted by Technology & Innovation on December 18, 2014 at 1:00pm 0 Comments

Google Glass is Coming to Doctor’s Offices


The Google Glass technology will be a convinient way for consumers to use applications and connect to the internet. Google is also looking for ways to make the device safer for drivers. There is also a new wave of companies planning to use the technology to make health care more efficient.


Augmedix is one of several start-up companies identifying ways to use Google Glass in health care. According to a statement Wednesday the company already raised $3.2 million in venture capital funding.


The announcement came on a significant day for Augmedix, as the start-up’s 36 employees began moving out of the Mission Bay incubator Rock Health into a 7,000-square-foot office in San Francisco’s Mid-Market neighborhood.


The Augmedix founders formed the company as Stanford University students in 2012. They plan to use funds from DCM and Emergence Capital Partners to hire more staff and expand services. The company’s program is determining ways to allow Google Glass-wearing doctors to cut down on paperwork in order to spend more time with patients.


Developing notes on a patient’s condition, either by hand or elecontrinicaly has always been an integral yet time-consuming aspect of a doctor’s job. A recent study found that physicians who use electronic health records in the exam room spend approximately…


Another Box Office Win for Hunger Games: Mockingjay

Posted by Online Film Studio on December 11, 2014 at 10:00am 0 Comments

Another Box Office Win for Hunger Games: Mockingjay

For the third consecutive weekend, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay –Part 1 leads the box office $21.6 million. The film has grossed $257.7 million domestically and $560.5 million worldwide.


Weekend Top 5:

  1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 -$21.6 million
  2. Penguins of Madagascar -$11.1 million
  3. Horrible Bosses 2 -$8.6 million
  4. Big Hero 6 -$8.1 million
  5. Interstellar -$8 million

J.K. Rowling to Release 12 Potter Short Stories

Posted by Online Film Studio on December 16, 2014 at 3:30pm 0 Comments

Photo: Reuters

J.K. Rowling to Release 12 Potter Short Stories

In celebration of the 12 days of Christmas, J.K. Rowling will release 12 new Harry Potter short stories in December. According to Variety, at least one tale will focus on Harry’s nemesis Draco Malfoy.

Fans received the announcement on Friday through the Harry Potter publishing website-Pottermore. Stories will publish daily beginning Friday, December 12 (at 5 a.m. PT) until Christmas Eve.

The project comes after the successful launch of a Potter story on Halloween starring Dolores Umbridge, a teacher at Hogwarts. 


Didn't Like Guardians' Post-Credit Howard The Duck Scene? Blame Captain America 2

James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy was a fantastic movie (one of the best of the year, in fact). The diehard fans who stayed through to the very end for that final post-credits scene were undoubtedly hoping for some Avengers 2 stinger, and they didn't get it. What they saw instead was a CGI version of Howard the Duck sipping a cocktail next to Benicio Del Toro's The Collector. You could practically hear the WTFs resounding throughout the theater, and now there's a target for your blame. We know it's difficult to find any fault with Captain America: The Winter Soldier, ...
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Watch This Adorable 5-Year-Old Girl Critique Princess Leia's Slave Costume

Princess Leia's slave costume may be tiny, but it has become an iconic outfit from the series. Although, the reasons that the metal bikini became so popular are not exactly the same reasons that this 5-year-old-girl likes it so much. Watch this animated clip of a daughter and her father's conversation about Star Wars turn into a fashion discussion. As you can imagine, the video caused some backlash. Here is a young, naive child taking a liking to what has become known as the most demeaning costume in Star Wars. And it was purposefully supposed to be degrading. It was ...
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The 10 Worst Movies Of 2014, According To RiffTrax

The guys at RiffTrax specialize in terrible movies. So when they compile a list of the 10 worst movies of any given year, it makes sense for us to pay attention. The editors of the site RiffTrax.com isolated this year's top offenders, and they included several expected duds. Michael Bay takes a bit of a beating. Nic Cage continues to be the butt of the joke. And there's at least one high-profile superhero movie on this list. Can you guess which one? Here, then, are the 10 Worst Movies of 2014, according to the people who get paid to heckle bad movies ...
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Ted 2 Is Coming, Here's Your First Look

After numerous shenanigans with smoking reefer, partying with Flash Gordon and fleeing from one creepy father-son duo, Seth MacFarlane returns as the lovable but foulmouthed teddy bear in Ted 2. We've already seen a few photos here and there from the set, but now our first official look has arrived. The good people at Entertainment Weekly debuted our first real look at the highly anticipated sequel, featuring the CGI teddy and Mark Wahlberg as his human companion. Plot details are virtually unknown at this time, and MacFarlane is keeping his mouth shut. Aside from the scuba gear get-up, however, the director ...
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What Would A Marvel Vs. DC Mash-Up Movie Look Like? Watch This Epic Trailer and See

The unofficial (and probably completely thought up) war between DC and Marvel for total geek dominance has been tracked as closely as the recent Sony hacking scandal. But what would happen if these superheroes from opposite worlds joined forces? One can only imagine...and one has! Check out this incredible, fan-made trailer for a hypothetical DC Vs. Marvel movie. Quicksilver battling the Flash? Green Arrow Vs. Hawkeye? The Man of Steel grappling with the man from Asgard? A battle of the billionaire playboy philanthropists (i.e. Batman Vs. Iron Man)? YouTube users Alex Luthor and MR88GG have teamed up ...
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The Portrait King Of Elizabethan England

Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester “‘If he lived today, we’d probably call him a selfie-addict,’ said the historian Elizabeth Goldring, who has uncovered details of Dudley’s extraordinary collection for a new study of the man who probably won the heart, although not the hand, of Elizabeth I.”

North Korea Refuses To Meet With UN Security Council, Partly Because Of Controversy Around ‘The Interview’

kji “The mere threat of damage to Kim Jong Un’s image has outraged the North Korean government. Such fury is thought to be behind the Sony hacking. North Korea has denied the attack but has suggested it was a ‘righteous deed’ carried out by sympathizers.”

Will These Twin Ballet Dancers Be Among The Last Cuban Artists To Seek Refuge In The US?

cuban twins “When they set foot in the U.S. almost three months ago, they had no idea what was next — where they might end up, where they’d be sleeping a week later. (A lucky break connected them to someone at the San Diego Ballet, which intends to hire them when their work authorization papers come through; […]

A Photographer Who Made People – Like The Queen, The Beatles, And Samuel Beckett – Her Focus

Jane Bown, Observer photographer since 1949. “She joined the Observer in 1949 and, resisting all offers from other prospective employers, continued to appear in the office every week for more than half a century, working on 35mm film to the end, meekly waiting for assignments, and turning in dazzlingly beautiful images for news stories and features.”

Blockbuster Yayoi Kusama Retrospective Overwhelms A Mexico City Museum

265-kusama-tamayo “The Tamayo’s attendance has gone from an average of 5,000 visitors per month to around 2,100 visitors per day,” so the museum has hired more security staff, more janitors, and more guides.


China Indicts Jackie Chan's Son on Drug Charge

Singer-actor Jaycee Chan, who was detained in August, could be jailed for up to three years

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Watch Justin Timberlake and Garth Brooks Perform "Friends in Low Places"

The two singers sang the famous third verse of the popular song

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Lance Bass Is Married: Get The Details

The former boy band member tied the knot with Michael Turchin in L.A.

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'Colbert Report' Signs Off

Comedy Central aired the final episode of “The Colbert Report” on Thursday, as the host is set to take over Dave Letterman’s “The Late Show” next…

AT&T Announces New Smartphone Data Plans

AT&T unveiled two new smartphone data plans, aiming to provide increased data bandwidth at a reduced cost.

One plan will give access to 3GB (previously 2GB) of data bandwidth for $40 per month. The other will provide 6GB (previously 4GB) at $70 per month.

AT&T also announced a ‘Double the Data’ promotion on larger data plans, beginning at $130. The…

Different Unique Types Of Polo Shirts

It's the season for it, and you can spend outrageous amounts on your next pair of shades. Some Prada and Bulgari pairs will run you nearly $500, and that's if you do not have prescription lenses. Even more moderate design labels like Ray-Ban or REVO can cost an approximately 200 bucks.

T-shirts or ralph lauren rea. They may be plain or patterned. They can have subdued or bright colors. They may be of any style or sleeve part. The…

9 films advance in Oscars shortlist for best foreign film

"The list of contenders for best foreign film got a bit smaller Friday as the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced the nine features that will advance to the next round of voting.

Included are Ruben Ostlund's patriarchy-skewering avalanche film "Force Majeure" from Sweden, Andrey Zvyagintsev's "Leviathan," about a property dispute in a small…

hogan interactive Inoltre, parteciperà alla prossima edizione del Golden Egg Film Festival (USA 2014).

"L'artigiano di oggi -conclude Ghilardi- deve essere anche manager di se stesso. ANSALDO STS ha guadagnato l'1,25% sulla scia delle indiscrezioni sulle trattative tra la controllante FINMECCANICA e GE per il riassetto delle attività sia di Ansaldo Breda che di Ansaldo . Molti avevano sferrato attacchi feroci ai vertici ucraini. Oleg Matsotskyy, padre e allenatore di Bogdana Matsotska, ha definito lui e sua figlia "estremamente…

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