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2014 Primetime Emmy Awards: List of Winners

2014 Primetime Emmy Awards: List of Winners

Seth Meyers hosted the "biggest night in television" 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards live at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Fan favorites Breaking BadTrue Detective and Orange is the New Black received multiple nominations and the show live streamed to millions of people worldwide through social media. The 2014 Emmy Award winners are:

Best ComedyModern Family 

Best DramaBreaking Bad

Best Variety Series: The Colbert Report 

Best Reality Competition Series: The Amazing Race 

Best MiniseriesFargo

Best Television Movie: The Normal Heart 

Lead Actor, Comedy: Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory

Lead Actress, ComedyJulia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep 

Lead Actor, Drama: Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad 

Lead Actress, Drama: Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife

Supporting Actor, Comedy: Ty Burrell, Modern Family

Supporting Actress, Comedy: Allison Janney, Mom

Supporting Actor, Drama: Aaron…


Posted by Online Film Studio on August 30, 2014 at 4:00pm

"Water Tank Project" Transforms New York City Aesthetics

"Water Tank Project" Transforms New York City Aesthetics


For many observers of New York City’s architecture, the water tanks are captivating treasures symbolizing the city’s past. While many of these structures have stood proudly, unchanged for decades, a new art project is implementing a strategy to transform its aesthetics into a social cause.

The “Water Tank Project” entails wrapping 100 tanks around the city in art as a way to promote awareness of the “most precious resource of the 21st century”-water. Creative contributors include artists Laurie Simmons, Odili Donald Odita, Sigrid Calon, Lorenzo Petrantoni and Tessa Traeger. The project is sponsored by Swatch.

Additional supporters of the project include John Baldessari, Ed Ruscha, Kenny Scharf, Mickalene Thomas, Terry Richardson, Jeff Koons, Fab 5 Freddy, Barry McGee, Icy & Sot, and Catherine Opie.

“I am so grateful that, with the help of so many people, I am able to say that I have fulfilled the promise I made seven years ago to the tribe in Africa that saved my life,” stated founder of The Water Tank Project, Mary Jordan to Art Daily. “We are creating symbols of water abundance and raising awareness about our global water issue, one tank at a time.”…


Posted by Online Art Gallery on September 1, 2014 at 11:00am

NBC's 2014 Primetime Emmy Ratings

NBC's 2014 Primetime Emmy Ratings

NBC's broadcast of the 66th annual Primtetime Emmy Awards reached over 16 million viewers. It was the most-watched night of network television since the Oscars in March with 35.2 million viewers. It was the most popular Emmy ceremony since Conan O'Brien hosted back in 2006.

Posted by Online Film Studio on August 29, 2014 at 4:00pm

Barnes and Noble Partners with Samsung on Nook Tablet

Barnes and Noble Partners with Samsung on Nook Tablet

Barnes and Noble is partnering with Samsung to distribute the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, a unique version of the already popular line of tablets. The device is set to come in black or white and feature a 7-inch HD display, 8 GB of storage space, and will be lighter than previous Nook devices. It includes two cameras, a 3-megapixel on the back and a 1.3 megapixel on the front.

The new product will be the first Nook created by a third party.

Through “Barnes and Noble Advantage” users can get customer support at any store location similar to Amazon’s Mayday and Apple’s Genius Bar. Store reps can set up devices and troubleshoot technical problems.  

With the “Nook Shop” app users can download books, TV shows, movies, and magazines. Barnes and Noble is providing “$200 in free content” with the purchase of the new device and 14-day free trial subscriptions for select magazines (Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated, US Weekly and more).

The new nook is available online and at store locations.…


Posted by Technology & Innovation on August 31, 2014 at 2:00pm

Artist Julia Strand Makes Art from Old Books

Artist Julia Strand Makes Art from Old Books

Julia Strand takes old books and shapes them into art. She describes the creative process in a unique way.

“When I say to people ‘I carve books,’ they say to me, ‘Oh, what does that mean?’ If I say, ‘I make sculptures out of books,’ people think I pile them up and make towers out of them or something,” Strand said.

The artist is a cognitive psychologist who teaches at Carleton College in Minnesota, she creates art in her spare time. Strand gathers an diverse collection books-everything from science texts to cook books.

When searching for new books, Strand finds material with some specific characteristics. They need to be thick enough for the artist to carve into and create layers. Generally, she looks for books that are out of date and have many illustrations instead of photographic reproductions. She will also never purchase a book for more than $10.

“Because some people are uncomfortable about the idea of cutting up books under any circumstances, I want to be really careful that when I do cut them up. I’m only using books that people aren’t likely to use for other purposes.”  

Strand enjoys the process of giving the books a new life.

“What I really hope to do with my work is to make people look a second time at something that they are used to looking at and just looking over. What I think is really fun about carving books, and doing this up-cycling work, is that it takes an object that is boring and it makes it…


Posted by Online Art Gallery on August 26, 2014 at 4:00pm

Instagram Launches Like2Buy Feature for Brands

Instagram Launches Like2Buy Feature for Brands

Over the last three years, Instagram has emerged as the leading platform for sharing images through social media, and has an unprecedented number of users who “like” photos on products and services daily.

According to statistics by Curalate, social media users are 58 times more likely to interact with brands on Instagram than Facebook, and 120 times when compared to Twitter.

Businesses have been waiting for the company to release a way for users to purchase products they “like” or share with friends on social media. “It’s been a customer pain point,” claimed Bryan Galipeau, Nordstrom’s social media director. “When we would post these images, pretty much every time we’d get questions like: ‘Is this still available? What size? What does it cost?”


Nordstrom and other retails would have to reply to user’s comments within posts in order to provide additional information on where and how to get the product. Nordstrom is the first company to apply the Like2Buy feature on Instagram-a new service that gives users the ability to make purchases without leaving the social media platform.

Instagram places a link at the top of brand’s profile pages and displays a grid of available items where they can click individual products before submitting payment through a secure checkout. Users can “like” a photo of product and then place it on a wishlist or bookmark for later purchases.


Target and Charlotte Russe are the next companies to include Like2Buy. “Our…


Posted by Technology & Innovation on September 1, 2014 at 9:00am

2014 Made in America Festival Day 1 - Philadelphia

2014 Made in America Festival Day 1 - Philadelphia

The Budweiser Made in America festival kicked off in Philadelphia on Saturday with headlining performances from The National, Steve Aoki and Kanye West.

A dual event took place in downtown  Los Angeles. Several performers were scheduled to make appearances in both cities. West, Aoki, Cut Snake and R3hab took the stage in Philly on Saturday and then flew to LA for the Sunday show. YG and Will Sparks performed in L.A. on Saturday and then flew to Philly for Sunday.

The event included sets from Toronto’s The OBGMs, Cherub, DJ Cassidy, Destructo, Mayer Hawthorne, Chromeo, City and Colour (Dallas Green), J. Cole, The National, Steve Aoki, and concluded with Kanye West.

Posted by Internet Music Radio on September 1, 2014 at 12:00pm

California Expands Film and Television Incentive


California Expands Film and Television Incentive

In order to spur more production of film and television projects, Gov. Jerry Brown collaborated with lawmakers to expand the California film incentive program.

The initiative provides tax-credits, totaling $330 million in state funding annually, to companies and professionals developing new works for TV and film. The policy replaces an expired program which awarded $100 million a year on a lottery basis.

Legislators were inspired to find a solution for improving the following issue: state film production decreased by nearly 50 percent since 2000. They sought to reward companies whose projects stimulate the local economy as a way of reversing the current trend.

NBC’s “The Tonight Show” moving to Manhattan from Burbank exemplifies the current landscape of film and television production. A plethora of studios have also transitioned everything from weekly sitcoms to high budget feature films to New York and other locations throughout the US and abroad.  

The new incentive will be available at the beginning of the 2016 fiscal year. It will last for five consecutive years.

Democrats Mike Gatto and Raul Bocanegra introduced the incentive legislation. However, the policy has become a bipartisan success. Many Republicans support the initiative, as well as Governor Brown and the general public.

Another area of bipartisan agreement…


Posted by Online Film Studio on August 31, 2014 at 4:47pm

2014 Budweiser Made in America Festival Debuts at Philadelphia and Los Angeles

2014 Budweiser Made in America Festival Debuts at Philadelphia and Los Angeles

For the first time ever, the Budweiser Made in America Festival will take place in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles over Labor Day Weekend (Aug. 30-31). The popular event is using a “bi-coastal” marketing strategy to celebrate music at Benjamin Franklin Parkway-in the eastern part of the US-and LA’s Grand Park-in the west. With today’s top performers and multiple stages at both locations, the two-day musical festival is set to attract thousands of local music fans and tourists. The event is sponsored by Live Nation, Roc Nation and DPS.

2014 Performers in Philadelphia:

Kanye West

Pharrell Williams

Kings of Leon

Steve Aoki

The National



J. Cole

Girl Talk




Gareth Amery

De La Soul

City & Colour



Mayer Hawthorne

Tommy Trash



The Neighbourhood

Danny Brown


Holy Ghost

Penguin Prison (DJ set with vocals)



DJ Cassidy


Will Sparks

Young & Sick


Cut Snake



2014 Performers in Los Angeles

John Mayer

Imagine Dragons



Steve Aoki

Kendrick Lamar

Rise Against


Sublime w/ Rome


Capital Cities

Chance The Rapper

Cypress Hill

Gareth Emery


ScHoolboy Q



Posted by Internet Music Radio on August 31, 2014 at 10:00am

71st Venice Film Festival Opens with 20 Projects

71st Venice Film Festival Opens with 20 Projects

The 71st Venice Film Festival opened Wednesday and 19 of the total 20 movies will be world premieres.

This year’s event opened with Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s new comedy Birdman starring Michael Keaton, Emma Stone and Naomi Watts.

“Last year we opened the festival with ‘Gravity’, which was, as you know, a huge success all over the world and this of course helped us a lot to deal with the studios, as this year we succeeded to get ‘Birdman’ for the opening, which is a highly expected film,” said artistic director Alberto Barbera.

Among the films making their debut are Manglehorn starring Al Pacino, Good Kill with Ethan Hawke and The Cut with Tahar Rahim.

“There are a number of films we have been waiting for. The Faith Akin film from Germany and Turkey is something that many people have been wondering about, was it rejected from Cannes, was it not? Why is it here? Does it belong to be here? Probably it does, he is a director that engages a lot of people on both the art-house level, but also the public likes him often enough” claimed film critic Jay Weissberg.

Producers and critics alike are excited about the star-power present in this year’s films.

“ So, whoever the big actors are-Emma Stone, Naomi Watts, Michael Keaton, perhaps. But as always, Al Pacino has two films that are here. These are people who engage the public and we’ll see what the films are like,” Weissberg added.

Actor-director James Franco will receive the Glory to the Filmmaker Prize and premiere The Sound and the Fury-his second William Faulkner adaptation (at a special screening outside of the competition).

The festival runs through September 6.…


Posted by Online Film Studio on August 30, 2014 at 8:52am


9 Shows to Try Out Now That 'The Bachelorette' Isn't On (VIDEO)

What ever will we do without our beloved "The Bachelorette" on our TV screens every week? Now that Andi Dorfman has found her fairy tale ending it feels as though we won't be able to get the same reality romance fix.

But don't fret, #BachelorNation. There's a whole roster of similar programs that could easily fill the void and we've rounded them up just for you. Which shows should you take a chance on now that "The Bachelorette" is over? We're giving out roses to 9 perfectly good ones right here:

1. "The Bachelor Pad"
What's better than watching former "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" contestants all living together in a house? They're also competing for money this time, so there's extra drama! Things get wild and fighting ensues. Enjoy the ride...

2. "Dating Naked"
That title doesn't need much further explanation. The new Vh1 dating show documents people dating And they're also naked. Intrigued yet?

3. "Burning Love"
If you're a fan of shows like "The Bachelor" but you have a sense of humor about it all, you'll probably love Ken Marino's spoof of the franchise. "Burning Love" is spot on and hilarious, boasting a cast of guest stars like Jennifer Aniston, Ben Stiller, and Kristen Bell.

4. "The Millionaire Matchmaker"
Bravo's long-running dating show is lead by the witty, no nonsense Patti Stanger -- a matchmaker who sets up millionaires with their dream dates. Her style is unconventional, the millionaires are always to get to know, and Patti's words of wisdom will stick with you (even if you disagree.)

5. "Flavor of Love"
Rapper Flavor Flav took to national TV to find love, and lucky for us, it was extremely entertaining. This is the show that brought us Tiffany "New York" Pollard (of the spinoff "I Love New York") and plenty of ridiculously memorable moments.

6. "Rock of Love"
Riding the succesful format of "Flavor of Love," "Rock of Love" chronicled Bret Michaels' quest for his soulmate. The show ran for three glorious seasons and is not to be missed.

7. "The Real World"
Why not take it back to the original reality experiment? We probably wouldn't have "The Bachelor" if "The Real World" hadn't paved the way for televised relationship drama.

8. "Four Weddings"
This TLC show isn't about dating, but instead focuses on a fierce competition to have the best wedding ever. Four women go head-to-head and attend each other's weddings and rate the celebrations on criteria like food and dress. At the end a winner is declared and she gets to go on a dream honeymoon. Bottom line: Weddings are serious business.

9. "Bachelor in Paradise"
Behold, the latest addition to the "Bachelor" universe: "Bachelor in Paradise." ABC's new show gives thrusts former contestants into an exotic location where they are given a second chance at love. Prepare to see some familiar faces and plenty of drama. The new show premieres August 4.

'The Bachelorette': Season 10 Highs and Lows (VIDEO)

That's all, folks! Andi Dorfman made her decision last night on the dramatic finale of "The Bachelorette" Season 10 and (for now) all feels right in the world of reality TV romance.


The Atlanta attorney picked Josh Murray to be her main squeeze forever and ever in a heartfelt mutual declaration of love. Unfortunately, poor salty Nick was sent packing and his exit wasn't exactly pretty. In fact, this season hasn't been all roses and butterfly kisses -- there were some tough moments to watch throughout this ... (we're gonna just say it) ... journey. And it's been an especially emotional season, as we all saw Andi, the crew, and the men deal with the tragic death of contestant Eric Hill.

It's been quite the ride, and we can count plenty of romantic highs and awkward lows along the way. Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

The guys sing with Boyz II Men. We really got to know these suitors in this odd display of musical (in)ability and all out silliness. These grown men had to croon "I'll Make Love to You" in front of a crowd and they committed. It was one of the more memorable group dates we've laid our weary "Bachelor nation" eyes on.

The men take lie detector tests. Why is this necessary? This does not happen in real relationship life. Not that "The Bachelorette" chronicles a typical dating situation per se, but having them take lie detector tests didn't need to happen here. Nope.

Brian nails the half court shot! Coach Brian didn't make it to the finals, but we thought he was oddly endearing even if the chemistry between him and Andi wasn't there. When the guys all had to compete in a game of basketball he totally dominated and then made a half court shot in front of Andi later on. Sweet moves!

Brian doesn't nail a cooking date. But then Brian got totally closed off when he and Andi cooked together on their French one-on-one. It was really uncomfortable and we felt for everyone involved.

Cody. Oh, lovable, goofy, wide-eyed Cody. You made it weirdly far in this race without seemingly talking to Andi once. And you came off sweet and thoughtful on your "Letters to Juliet" Verona outing with Andi. We're sorry you got the boot mid-date.

Everybody hates Nick. Sure, Nick was the runner-up, but he didn't really win over the other guys even if he kinda won over Andi. A lot of the "downtime" footage here revolved around their disdain for his cockiness.

There was an odd date where Andi and pantsapreneur JJ had to dress up like the elderly and see what it would be like to grow old together. It was so ridiculous that we didn't know whether to laugh or cover our eyes.

Andrew. He wasn't really contestant-of-the-year material. And then there was that whole alleged racist remark thing that played out at "The Men Tell All."

Hello, Chris! I think it's safe to say that most people were pretty taken with farmer Chris. He was a total sweetheart and his hometown date was one of the best by far. HIs family was adorable and he proved himself to be romantic and sensitive -- even hiring a plane to fly by and tell Andi he loved her. Aw.

Goodbye, Chris. Unfortunately Chris didn't become Andi's hubby-to-be and we had to watch his tearful sendoff. We think he'll be OK though.

Andi knocks on Nick's door. Well, all good OK things come to an end. Andi did the right thing by telling Nick she wasn't feeling it before he went ahead and proposed, but it didn't make it any less painful to watch. And it was even more painful when he tried to talk to her at "The Men Tell All." And then it got worse -- he confronted her at the inevitable "After the Final Rose" in a cringeworthy exchange. It's going to be alright, Nick!

Josh proposes to Andi. We're just gonna say it: we're rooting for these crazy kids. And as ridiculous as this whole process can seem, we were pleased with the way Josh put his heart out there for Andi (and the world) to see. Good luck, you two!

'The Bachelorette' Couples: Where Are They Now? (PHOTOS)

Ryan Sutter And Trista Rehn Sundance Portrait Session
Andi Dorfman is about to make one of the biggest decisions of her life. Yes -- July 28 is the finale of "The Bachelorette" Season 10 and the Atlanta attorney will finally choose between her final two suitors, Josh Murray and Nick Viall.

As we prepare for this momentous moment, we may as well take a trip down memory lane and look at the track record of former Bachelorettes and their chosen mates. As it turns out, not all the relationships were doomed, but the odds aren't exactly in these reality TV relationships' favor.

Here's hoping for a lifetime of love and happiness for Andi and her (maybe) husband-to-be. And as we celebrate her new chapter, let's check in with past "Bachelorette" couples and see how they're doing.

10 Totally Weird Series Finales We Can't Forget (VIDEO)

July 20th, 2014 is the 20th anniversary of a very important bizarre moment in television history. Yup -- two decades ago we said goodbye to ABC "TGIF" classic, "Dinosaurs."

You may recall that the prehistoric puppet show ended on a total "huh?" note. Translation: the finale was absolutely bonkers.

In the episode called "Changing Nature," the Sinclear family of Pangea prepares for the annual migration of the Bunch Beetles, a species of bugs that eat cider poppies. But when the Beetles don't arrive, an overgrowth of cider poppies begins, and it is discovered that WESAYSO (the powerful corporation where Earl works) has created a wax fruit factory where the beetles were meant to breed. Still with me? Earl, the Sinclear family patriarch, is tasked with controlling the growth, but he sprays defoliant and ultimately destroys all plant life on the planet in the process. In an attempt to create rain for the plants' survival, the volcanoes erupt into smoke clouds (not rain clouds), which sets off a cooling front. Cooling front = ice age, which means these dinos are about to go extinct. So, basically, Earl killed everyone. The end.

It's quite the crazy sendoff for an almost equally crazy show. Want to know about more oddball series endings? Here are 10 (more) totally weird series finales we should never forget:

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Television / Courtesy: Everett Collection

14 Spooky Horror TV Shows Worth Getting Scared By (VIDEO)

TV has a grand tradition of churning out scary shows that rival even the most scream-worthy horror flick. There has been a steady flow of small screen thrillers, mysteries, and supernatural stories since the 1950s, and it doesn't look like the trend is letting up any time soon.

Netflix even got into the game with their series, "Hemlock Grove" -- a small town murder mystery brought to viewers by horror guru Eli Roth. The show's second season began streaming July 11th.

And if you want more shows in a similarly chilling genre, don't disregard some of the classic series that made horror happen on TV. There are also a few hidden gems or forgotten favorites that are worth checking out, too.

So, go ahead -- spook yourself! Here are 14 horror TV shows worth getting scared by:

Gavin Bond for Netflix


Carrie Underwood Announces Pregnancy

The "American Idol" winner puts her own spin on Labor Day

read more

'X Factor' U.K. Loses Steam Ahead of BBC Clash

The season's second episode of Simon Cowell's ITV show trips before dance-off with ballroom hit

read more

Kate Bush Sets U.K. Album Charts Record

Before the Dawn, things look bright as she becomes the female artist with the most simultaneous entries ever, beating out Madonna

read more


ABC’s Bet on David Muir of ‘World News Tonight’

ABC hopes that David Muir’s blend of youth, approachability and off-the-cuff tweets will attract young viewers to “World News Tonight.”

Critic's Notebook: The Telluride Film Festival Features ‘Mr. Turner’

The Telluride Film Festival features several notable films, including “Mr. Turner,” “The Imitation Game” and “Wild.”

‘Three Acts’ Stars Ira Glass and Monica Bill Barnes

“Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host” is an unconventional collaboration between Ira Glass and the choreographer Monica Bill Barnes.

Books of The Times: ‘The Dog,’ the Latest by Joseph O’Neill, of ‘Netherland’

“The Dog,” by Joseph O’Neill, is a first-person narrative of an expat lawyer in the Persian Gulf whose life is going nowhere.

New Music: New Music From Earth, Yob and Jeezy

Among new albums, Earth’s “Primitive and Deadly,” Yob’s “Clearing the Path to Ascend” and Jeezy’s “Seen It All.”


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