CBS' Digital Viewers in TV Ratings

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As viewership continues to increase each year for online streaming of film and television, Nielsen’s ‘Digital in TV Ratings’ measurement will include units from a broadcast network.

According to a company release, CBS will become the first network to include digital video viewing of its programs in its traditional TV ratings through CBS All Access.

Nielsen plans to report the subscription service’s viewership of live television in over 95 U.S. markets across Android and iOS systems on desktop and mobile devices. 

Competition Entry Update

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Art Bracket Media submits strategy on web properties, marketing and operation to Arch Grants Business Competition.

'My Feelings Matter'

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My Feelings Matter

By: Dominic Richardson

An adaptation of ‘When Should You Tell? Dealing with Abuse’






Character List:


Narrator: Mason as a high school student

Mason: student in middle school

Coach/Mason’s Dad: baseball coach/ Mason’s dad

Mrs. Bright: Director of the Child Safety Program

Kevin: kid in educational video





My Feelings Matter

(Lights up on a young man sitting on a stool in front of a video camera.)


Hi, my name is Mason. And this is my story. A story about feelings. Do you pay attention to your feelings? It’s easy when you feel happy. Like when you get a new bike or pair of shoes. Of course, everyone loves those kinds of feelings. But sometimes there are scary feelings. Scary feelings that hurt people. Once I had a scary feeling and someone made me promise not to tell anyone. Keeping it a secret made me feel bad. I didn’t know what to do.

(Lights up on Mason in a baseball uniform practicing with Coach)


It all started when Coach came over to play catch. Coach came over every week to help me get ready for the season, and we had a lot of fun. But one day things were different.…


How Social Media Changes Entertainment

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Social media has changed the way consumers purchase entertainment content and how they express ideas regarding creative works. Prior to MySpace, most internet users viewed media through sites dedicated to specific forms of art. Most had favorite pages for images, music and reviews of television and film. The popularity of Facebook and YouTube made it convenient for users to view articles, videos, and share original content on social media.

A recent study by Penn Schoen Berland reports 88% of survey respondents view social media as a new form of entertainment. The market research firm indicates the average weekly user behavior among millennials:

-       8 hours: Social networking sites

-       8 hours: Music

-       7 hours: Television shows

-       4 hours: Movies

-       4 hours: Video clips

The report found that 79% watch broadcast or cable television and use social media for sharing ideas regarding onscreen productions. An additional 41% use Twitter and Facebook to share thoughts during live broadcast and airings of scheduled shows.  The report indicates the percentage of social media posts by genre:

-       56%: Comedy

-       46% Reality TV

-       38% Sports

-       26% Cable News

The study found that social media plays a significant role in helping viewers connect with articles, previews, behind-the-scenes content, and influence consumer behavior. 20% confirmed ads for entertainment found through social media had influence on purchasing decisions and 9% on comments and reviews. 

Material and Spirit by Dr. Dalia Hakker-Orion - comments regarding Marlen Ferrer

Posted by Marlen Ferrer on September 14, 2011 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

The act of creating plastic art is seeded within the ability of a few talented people who transform tangible material into unique artistic creations. The multifaceted artist Marlen Ferrer is part of this exclusive group and her works manifest the magical process of transforming natural materials, colors and tar into compositions containing spiritual entities which convey feelings and emotions and are interpreted by the viewers according to their personalities. Her attraction to the beauty and perfection of nature, the ultimate artist, inspires her to combine natural vegetative elements in her sculptural works, creating female figures [2 m height] from palm fronds.  The removal of the barriers between her personal life, feelings and emotions are reflected in the works represented in this catalogue which manifest the versatility of her expressive-intuitive amplitude. Statements about femininity, couples, struggles and ambitions are displayed in vigorous hand strokes with brushes and scalpels in various techniques on recycled paper or canvas. With force and assurance she paints, drips, floats and leaves her unique textural and chromatic stamp.

Her dynamic compositions are vigorous, sensuous and create a dialogue with the surrounding space.  The white industrial oil paint and tar are applied expressively "alla prima" revealing the different hues of the tar, without inhibitions or boundaries, and become clear images when perceived by the viewer. The technique and quality of the works derives from her long experience as a teacher and therapist, observational abilities and the inspiration of the biggest teacher- ÔMother NatureÕ. Her sensitivity and empathy to the human condition [pschycologically] combine with her rich experience and her experimentalism to create a versatile topography. The importance of the textural…


Global Business Competition - Entry Submitted

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Art Bracket Media submits entry in Get in the Ring

Instagram Advertising Goes Global

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Instagram plans to expand its advertising to 38 markets with a new 30-second video ad format.

By the end of September, the Facebook-owned service is set to expand its ad operation in several countries, including larger markets like Italy,Spain, Mexico, India and South Korea.

The company introduced two new ad formats: landscape-shaped photo and video ads with a “more cinematic feel”. Its new Marquee service allows brands to run large scale campaigns.

“Perfect for events like movie premieres and new product launches,” the company said on its corporate blog.

“People come to Instagram for visual inspiration, and advertising has the power to touch, inspire and move people,” explained James Quarles, global head of business and brand development.

Instagram launched its service in 2013 for a select number of advertisers in the US and UK; eMarketer projects the company to reach higher mobile display ad revenues than competitors in social media by 2017.

Comcast to Invest in Universal Studios Japan

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Comcast’s NBCUniversal plans to invest $1.5 billion for stake in USJ Co.-the operating company of the Universal Studios Japan theme park. The cable operator would join current shareholders Goldman Sachs Group Inc., MBK Partners Ltd, and USJ’s CEO.


“We see Comcast and NBCUniversal becoming more of a global company,” expressed Brian Roberts-Comcast chief executive officer. “This is the beginning of us making more global investments.”


After dropping its bid to acquire Time Warner Cable Inc., Comcast has been seeking growth in digital media in order to expand its global brand. Its recent investment in BuzzFeed expands digital content to its network and online properties. 

NBC's 'Blindspot' Script Development

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After impressive ratings for its pilot episode, NBC has ordered the development of nine additional scripts for its new mystery drama-Blindspot. The first broadcast had been viewed by more than 10 million which airs Mondays (10 p.m. EST) 

53rd New York Film Festival

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Several projects scheduled to appear at the 53rd New York Film Festival have audiences from screenings at previous events including Carol (seen in Cannes, Telluride), Brooklyn (Sundance, Toronto) and Where to Invade Next (Toronto).

Universal’s Steve jobs, which had been showcased at Telluride before final editing, has been completed and will debut at NYFF.

Disney’s Bridge of Spies, a potential Oscar contender, will screen in Los Angeles and NYFF October 4.

Critics suggest nominees could include The Man Who Knew Infinity, which features award-level performances from Jeremy Irons and Dev Patel, Where To Invade Next for cinematography, and The Dressmaker for outstanding lead performances by Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth.

2015 Film Screenings:

Opening Night: The Walk

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Centerpiece: Steve Jobs

Director: Danny Boyle

Closing Night: Miles Ahead

Director: Don Cheadle

Arabian Nights: Volume 1, The Restless One

Arabian Nights: Volume 2, The Desolate One

Arabian Nights: Volume 3, The Enchanted One

Director: Miguel Gomes

The Assassin

Director: Hou Hsiao-hsien

Bridge of Spies

Director: Steven Spielberg


Director: John Crowley


Director: Todd…



Batman V Superman Video Reveals Hidden Details In The Superhero Suits

With so much time to fill until Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice reaches theaters, Warner Bros. has chosen to focus on the costumes worn by the DC Trinity in the anticipated blockbuster. The suits have been on display at various conventions over the course of this year, and they are back on display at New York Comic-Con. Only, this time, costume designer Michael Wilkinson is sharing some of the secrets that he has woven into these super suits. Give this clip a watch:       DC Entertainment got the 1:1, revealing that it took a ...
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Amazing Spider-Man 2 Stuntman Sues Over Alleged Clothesline

If you thought getting an acting job on a film like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was hard enough, try attempting to become one of the many stunt professionals involved in the production. BJ Davis bent over backwards to get the gig, and now he's suing because of a particularly brutal clothesline – and the supposed malice hiding behind it. The Hollywood Reporter picked up on the story of Davis' lawsuit against Sony Pictures, as well as the producers of the 2014 film, that has caused Sony enough headaches that they eventually decided to share the character with Marvel Studios. What they won't be ...
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Robert Zemeckis' 10 Best Films, Ranked

While The Walk hasn't made quite the box-office splash that was intended, having failed to match the efforts of The Martian, there's still no denying just how impressive Robert Zemeckis' return to the big-screen is. It really is how an IMAX and 3D film should be made, and is further proof of Robert Zemeckis' prowess as a filmmaker, something that he's been showcasing for close to 40 years now.  But where does Joseph Gordon-Levitt tight roping between The Twin Towers while deploying a French accent sit alongside the legendary filmmaker's other efforts? Does it match up to Forrest Gump, Cast Away, ...
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5 Marvel Fan Bases Left Disappointed By The Big Phase Three Announcements

There are many reasons to be excited about today's big Marvel Studios announcements. We love the fact that Hope Van Dyne will finally get the chance to get her superhero on in Ant-Man And The Wasp, and it's great to know that the company has extended their run of three-movies-per-year to 2020. But while there are many properties that got a huge win from today's news, there are some Marvel fan bases who are probably at least a little upset about the way things have shaken out. Looking at both the direct effects of today's announcements, as well as considering some ...
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Danny Boyle For 28 Months Later? Here's What He Said

For years 28 Months Later has been a possibility, both with and without Danny Boyle at the helm. Seeing as he's currently making the press rounds for Steve Jobs, it's only fitting that he be asked about possibly returning to the franchise that he helped launch with 2002's smash indie hit. And as luck would have it, he doesn't seem too bothered by that possibility. While talking to The Playlist, the Academy Award winning director gave some updates on historical films that he's working on, as well as the following quote of hope involving the unofficially titled sequel to 2007's 28 Weeks ...
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Does Creative Genius Require Bitter Rivalry To Flourish?

SIZED-down-constableturner_final-634x340 “Think of rivalry as a type of über competition driven by mutual obsession, with the rivals propelling each other to spiralling achievement, and investing more mental and emotional resources in each other than circumstances would ever dictate on their own.”

This Was The First TV Show To Use The Internet As A Plot Point

lead_960 “Even as dial-up Internet connections went mainstream, television representations of the web lagged. Computers appeared on television mostly as props, boxy monitors sitting dark on desks. The arrival of Internet represented a huge cultural shift, but it was barely a plot point in the 1990s—with some exceptions.”

Philadelphia Orchestra Contract Talks Break Down (Though There May Be Some Progress)

Print “All-night negotiations over a new contract for musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra ended Thursday morning after the session failed to produce a tentative agreement. Concerts will continue uninterrupted as negotiators ponder their next moves. … While no agreement was reached, some parameters of a deal appeared to be falling into place.”

How Does Creativity Help Solve Problems?

atlantic video “At this year’s Aspen Ideas Festival, we asked a group of people who work in media, design, and the arts about how the creative process can lend itself to unlocking solutions. ‘Creativity is a problem-solving practice,’ says Anne Libera, director of comedy studies at Second City. ‘You have to risk, you have to fail – […]

Why Ancient Rome Still Matters In 2015

why ancient rome matters Mary Beard: “The truth is that Roman history offers very few direct lessons for us, and no simple list of dos and don’ts. … Ancient Rome still matters for very different reasons – mainly because Roman debates have given us a template and a language that continue to define the way we understand our own […]


The Smiths Guitarist Johnny Marr Slams U.K. Leader at Manchester Gig

The musician attacked British prime minister David Cameron – who was having his annual Conservative Party conference in the same city – over "inhuman" cutbacks to public services.

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London Film Festival: Brian Eno to Interview Laurie Anderson at THR Event

The two will also give a performance at the LFF Connects talk.

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'Junun': NYFF Review

Paul Thomas Anderson follows frequent music collaborator Jonny Greenwood to Jodhpur, India, to record an album with Israeli composer Shye Ben Tzur.

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Justin Bieber's Legal Team Threatens to Sue Over Nude Photos

The photos, showing the singer naked on vacation in Bora Bora, began spreading online Wednesday.

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UCLA Fraternity Under Investigation After Kanye West-Themed Party Featuring Blackface

Reports say some attendees came to the party with "their foreheads covered in charcoal.”

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Landscape Painter Adam Allen Berry describes his approach

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - Sept. 23, 2015 - PRLog -- When I asked Adam Allen Berry to describe how and why he works with the landscape, I also asked him to include his thoughts on working with clay what that process provides? Adam’s reply....

“I work mainly from the landscape and have been since undergraduate school. I do work directly from Nature but I try not to be overly…

Facebook Acquires Shopping Search Engine TheFind

Facebook plans to expand operation in search and e-commerce; the acquisition of shopping search engine “The Find” puts the social network on track for reaching its goals.

Analysts predict the acquisition could help…

Oscars: Foreign Language Film Nominees

During award season the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences receives Oscar nominations for best Foreign-Language Film. The entries are features produced outside the US with mostly non-English dialogue. The Academy’s honoring of international works introduces audiences to productions from around the world, which reflects the medium’s diversity and global impact.…

Streaming Music Surpasses Physical Sales

Streaming music surpassed physical music sales in the U.S. for the first time in the last year, according to new data by Recording Industry Association of America. The report indicates streaming could exceed digital download sales as a source of…

Svetlana Alexievich wins Nobel Prize in literature

While contemporary writers view the Nobel prize for literature as its highest honor, critics often pinpoint that most recipients typically create works of fiction. However, this year’s laureate has become known as a…


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