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Producer Ruth Ezell profiles the St. Louis Classical Guitar Society, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2013.
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Art Bracket Media - St. Louis Arch Grants Video
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RC deWinter's The Dance is Over: A Visually Captivating Journey Toward Truth

Posted on May 4, 2012 at 1:00am 0 Comments

Click Here to Listen---The Dance is Over---by RC deWinter

Great art never looses its social relevance, and its historical perspective remains in tact throughout the ages. The Dance is Over by RC deWinter exemplifies art's ability to connect with culture universally and gives audiences the opportunity to experience and learn from the visual, literary and historical perspectives present in the art itself. The Dance is Over is an original contemporary poem created by the artist that is timeless in its portrayal of a woman's search for truth. Ultimately, the central character so eloquently presented by RC deWinter is on a quest for truth that causes her to identify the facade that prevents truth, removing the obstacle and putting oneself in the position to receive the truth. 



In addition to being on a quest for truth, The Dance is Over in its conclusion proves beyond all doubt that the truth really does set you free.


Rc deWinter begins the poem with her central character coming to terms with her desire to end the dance with her partner. It's great that the author chooses to begin the poem in this fashion for the following two reasons: (1) the poem's literary inciting incident is executed clearly and directly to the audience, and (2) it gives audiences the opportunity to ponder what the character may have…


Humanity in the Art of Lupita Fernandez Soberon

Posted on April 26, 2012 at 10:00am 2 Comments

The art of Lupita Fernandez Soberon has a deep spiritual and physical connection with the artist who created it. There is no separation between the creations of Soberon and the life in which she lives. All inspiration derives from the real life experiences that the artist has encountered over the coarse of living a life connected to one's culture. It is amazing how Soberon's art possess various international styles and strong spiritual components simultaneously. Soberon's art is about humans connecting with other humans, nature, and God. The art explores the levels of consciousness that spirituality engaged humans reach on a path toward enlightenment.

One of the most incredible aspects of Soberon's work is the expressionism the artist uses when projecting cultural images. Artists in certain mediums tend to project stereotypical images of nuns and other religious figures, creating them in trios, quartets and in larger groups without attention to detail for each figure. In Soberon's art each figure is given an personal identity that reflects his or her momentary attitude toward life. In this trio of nuns, Soberon has successfully humanized the women and gives the audience a glimpse into what's on their minds and in their hearts on their path toward enlightenment.

In this piece Soberon is exploring the…


Ana Ines Serantes: Art Exploring the Colors of the Rainbow

Posted on April 24, 2012 at 8:23pm 0 Comments

The art of Ana Ines Serantes derives from one of the most beautiful elements found on the planet- the rainbow. The artist understands the social impact rainbows have on the imagination of adults and children all over the world. Ana deliberately takes the colors of the rainbow and manipulates them into a magical world filled with excitement, vibrancy and love.


When observing an art piece by Ana Ines Serantes, it is apparent that the content of the artist's heart and soul are embedded within the art. So much of Ana's wonderful personality and positive outlook on the world is displayed on her canvases.


While the foundation of Ana's art is a mixture of colors of the rainbow, it is important to note that her work also strikes an interesting balance between existing in an abstract world, and a world that resembles reality. The human figures she creates are intriguingly similar to illustrations, animations, cartoons, and comics simultaneously, while having expressions of real human beings. Ana's masterful mixture of artistic genres creates art that is easily appreciated by adults and children alike.


Commission Ana Ines Serantes


If you are on the market for a piece of artwork that appeals to the magical nature of humanity and the world, then you should commission Ana…


Eva Fidjeland: Versatile Artist with Perfect Earthly Style

Posted on April 14, 2012 at 1:00pm 1 Comment

What makes Swedish Artist Eva Fidjeland so unique is her ability to create pieces of art using natural, earthly tones while maintaining a commitment to photography, digital art, and traditional visual art. Eva Fidjeland has the ability to see the elements of the world as they are, including the beauty that is nature and animal life, and recreate them in the form of art that has cultural relevance to audiences across the world. Her cultural pieces would fit seamlessly in any gallery or museum in any part of the world.

Cat Goddess

In Eva Fidjeland's piece entitled Cat Goddess, the artist is using traditional devices found in art and manipulating them to create authentic, cultural pieces. Notice, for example, how the leopard's head and neck are positioned as if it were posing as a human for a painter's portrait. Putting the leopard in a more human positing, gives audiences the opportunity to see the animal's expression as they would view human expression. Notice the definition the artist gives to the eyes, snout, mouth and cheek areas. Notice how you gain authenticity through the leopard's facial expression.…


Lila Benharush's Art: A New Style in Mixed Media

Posted on April 12, 2012 at 7:02am 0 Comments

While many artists gain their inspiration from other artworks developed in the past, mixed media artist Lila Benharush seems to defy the notion that there is no such thing as an original thought in art. Lila Benharush's work is not overly influenced by another artist's work or ideas, making her images unique, striking, and extraordinarily creative.

A New Creative World

Observing a piece by Lila Benharush is like flying a plane in uncharted territory; you feel as if you are in an entirely different world. In the creative world of Lila Benharush, nothing is ordinary and all expressionism is coupled with a heightened sense of nature, human actions and thoughts.

The artist has a mastery of color schemes in mixed media, and the ability to create art this is visually exciting, thought provoking, and tells an original story.

The Artist Body As Art

It is really great to see how the artist uses her own body in the art pieces with such creative transformation. When Lila Benharush uses her own physical expressions and actions in her pieces and then overlays…


RC deWinter: Versatile Photography and Digital Art Creator

Posted on April 5, 2012 at 7:08pm 0 Comments

In today's arts world, the majority of artist believe in the idea that one who is a jack of all trades truly is a master of nothing. This adage is disproved by the versatility and dynamic artworks created by artist RC deWinter. If you are looking for the definition of a versatile artist, then look no further as RC deWinter is the perfect definition. RC is a reputable visual artist whose abilities range from digital photography with great perspective to extraordinarily creative digital art pieces and literature.

The Amazing Fruit Bowl

RC deWinter is the creator of one of the most detailed and polished still photographs ever published on the internet with L'élégance du Fruits Faux. The photograph is so incredibly detailed that one can't help but ponder how the artists would be able to take such a profound shot. The shimmer of the light bouncing off the glass and the emphasis on crystallization makes the art one of the most visually captivating pieces of digital art ever recorded.…


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