Hard Life to Live by Billy Anne Crews: Excellent Blend of Traditional American Pastoral Songwriting with Country and Rock Music

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Performing artist Billy Anne Crews has the natural ability to write compelling stories in the American pastoral writing tradition. Crews' music has a perfect mixture of country and rock musical sounds. Her raw vocals are filled with emotion as the artist is completely connected to the stories she sings. There are also strong elements of blues music in Crew's songwriting and vocal compositions.

Verse 1 expresses a striking image of a woman with a 45 pistol in one hand and a bible in the other. The woman engages in rhetorical questioning of her faith, ultimately giving rising to her reflect on life changing experiences back in Mississippi.

At the summation of her reflection, the woman identifies as a sinner in verse 3 and furthermore concludes that she should stop expecting change in her hard life to live.

Billy Anne Crews' story is deeply authentic, as everyone in her audience will at some point have questioned their faith and other elements of their life. The character in Crews' song comes to terms with her situation in life the best way she can, and audiences are left to believe that the character will move forward in a better direction in her life.

Hard Life to Live is an important contemporary song for its ability to present a compelling, authentic story, and the masterful ability of the artist to seamlessly create a musical tapestry of country, rock and blues music.

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